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We at Folsom Plumbing will be there in your plumbing contractor needs whenever you wish - from the start of the week until weekends. The fact is, householders have no idea when a plumbing trouble would come through. For anybody who is getting a difficult experience about your plumbing system, you could call on our hotline and we'll surely be there for your needs. We set up lavatory furnishings like kitchen sinks or bathroom fixtures like hot tubs, showers, heating units and more! Keep reading our services presented so that you will know why you must choose Folsom Plumbing. For concerns you could call or visit us on our local office in your area. Allow me to share alot of our services provided:

•  24/7 Service

•  Removal of Tree Roots   

• Sewer Maintenance

• Inspection By Video

• Pipe Cleaning and Drainage Repair

• Cold and Hot Water Dispenser Set Up

• Leaky Faucets and Pipes

• Sink Issues and Installations

• Installation Of Toilet, Showers and etc

• Locating Interior Plumbing Problems

• Cleaning Of Septic Tanks

The list are just the overview of our services offered. There are a lot more of it. You can actually phone us if you have problems about your plumbing system now!


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